A Brief Description About US

We love coding and trading. To make trading simple and efficient, one does not need 100s of indicators. All we need is Volume and Price Action from a good chart pattern. So we made this code specifically to look for those 3 things. The code we developed could be used with TradingView.

About The Software

Stocks move up, down or goes sideways. Sometimes they make a huge gain/loss with a confirming volume. Our job is to find those Alpha Stocks as early as possible. Of course the other thing is, the move should start from a good chart pattern. We made the visual representation of those stocks clear, so you don’t have to guess. Once identified, trade will be taken, with a predetermined Stop Loss and Target will be left to the individual’s discretion. 1:2 or 1:4 or until the stock fails to go any further.

From within the software, all colour elements could be set to individuals liking, as well as highs, lows, price targets, stop loss areas, volume increase confirmations and significant volume indicators and showing them under the individual candle stick.

The software only shows candlesticks. Software could be used at any time frame. So if you are a day trader, swing trader or an long term investor, you could use it the way you trade.

The software will not trigger buy / sell signals. If you are seasoned trader or have the knowledge of the chart patterns, then you will enjoy using it, as it will be so easy to figure out when the next move will start. Just watch the AlphaCandle and after using it some time, you will understand how big moves start.

Software is strictly for charting, which means all the visuals will be on the chart. We’ve added a back testing feature, which means you can try different stop loss areas, targets, breakout levels to see which one is a better performer.

You will have 1 month to play with it. Plenty of time, to learn, tweak and even make money. Once you are comfortable and satisfied with the results, you won’t go back not using it.

All the documentation will be on this website.

We hope you enjoy it and more than that make money.

Happy Trading